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Haemolytic Property Of Bacteria In Blood Agar

November 14, 2012

The Colonies of some bacterial spps on the blood agar produce visible changes immediately surrounding the colony which is termed hemolysis.

There Are Generally Three Types Of Hemolysis

A.Alpha Hemolysis:

  Also called green hemolysis.Bacterial colony is surrounded by a zone of greenish brown discoloration.This is due to partial hemolysis.Bacteria producing green hemolysis are Streptococcus pneumoniae & streptococcus viridans

B.Beta Hemolysis

In this bacterial colony is surrounded by clear zone in contrast to red color of colony.Bacterial spps Beta Hemolysis are Streptococcus pyogens,Neisseria gonorrhea,Vibrio cholera ,Haemophilous Influenza e, Listeria.

C.Gamma Hemolysis

No visual change in media is seen. Example Streptococcus faecalis,Campylobacter jejuni,etc



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